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Dilemma Centre Launches!

On Monday 2nd January ALAS launched its ‘Dilemma Centre‘. This has been created to support both experienced and trainee lipspeakers, but any language service professional (LSP) can post and comment in the centre, allowing all professionals to benefit.

An ethical dilemma often refers to a situation where lipspeakers, and other LSP’s, find it difficult or impossible to use principles detailed in their code of ethics to resolve a difficult situation. Lipspeakers work in a variety of contexts, including health, legal, community, education and government. Previous studies have shown that healthy and professional deliberation can be valuable to practitioners in developing the necessary skills to resolve ethical dilemmas in practice.  As a group of professionals, lipspeakers have ethical responsibility to facilitate effective communication.

This Dilemma Centre is an investment into the future of lipspeakers and a supportive tool that the ALAS Committee hope will be used when a professional isn’t sure what to do, or feels peer feedback and/or support could benefit others potentially faced with a similar dilemma.