Memer Support – Zoom, Part 2

On Thursday 10th September we joined Sophie Mulligan for 'Zoom - Part 2'. A huge thank you to Sophie for a fantastic webinar this evening! How to un-mute yourself quickly, re-arranging boxes, changing views, improving audio quality - there have been a lot of great updates on Zoom!

Memer Support – Zoom, Part 22021-03-22T09:33:16+00:00

Member Support – Legal CVP

On Thursday 13th August members joined Linzi Weatherson for an incredibly informative webinar! The focus was Legal remote working using ‘Cloud Video Platform’ (CVP) with particular attention given to considerations & coping strategies.

Member Support – Legal CVP2020-08-17T10:34:17+01:00

Member Social 2

On Thursday 23rd July members came together for our second remote social event. Together, peers shared a safe space to catch-up and have a cheeky beverage. A huge well done to our member and Social Media Officer, Linzi Weatherson, on passing your TSLI assessment!  

Member Social 22020-08-17T10:31:07+01:00

Member Support – Police

On Thursday 16th July members joined Kirsty Last for an incredibly informative webinar focusing on the ‘Police’ including: 🔺Police jargon 🔺Ranks & Responsibilities 🔺Police Custody 🔺Witness Interviews 🔺Suspect Interviews 🔺PACE 🔺Safety & Security

Member Support – Police2020-08-17T10:36:14+01:00

Member Support – T&Cs Part 2

On Thursday 9th July members joined Linzi Weatherson for a second webinar that focussed on lipspeaking ‘Terms & Conditions‘. Particular attention was given to remote lipspeaking and the considerations one must make when accepting assignments.

Member Support – T&Cs Part 22020-08-17T10:25:12+01:00

Member Support – Microsoft Teams

On Thursday 25th June, our members joined Linzi Weatherson for a webinar focusing on Microsoft Teams; including: 🔺 How lipspeaking can work at its best 🔺 How your appearance can vary per device 🔺 How to see instantly who is talking 🔺 How to turn on closed captions

Member Support – Microsoft Teams2020-08-17T10:15:37+01:00

Member Social

On Thursday 18th June a number of our members came together for a virtual Social event. Together, peers shared a drink and a safe space and what they discussed......well that will stay with them!

Member Social2020-08-17T10:10:09+01:00

Member Support – NRCPD Part 2

On Thursday 11th June members were joined by NRCPD Registration Service Manager, Kate Price. Kate delivered an incredibly informative webinar and our lipspeakers learned a wealth of knowledge about changes to continuous professional development (CPD) going forward.

Member Support – NRCPD Part 22020-08-17T10:05:42+01:00

Member Support – Legal

On Thursday 4th June, members were joined by special guest, Rosalind Josephs, for a webinar focusing on lipspeaking in the Legal domain. The webinar covered Top Tips, Do/Dont’s and much much more - we went 30mins over! What an incredibly informative webinar it was!

Member Support – Legal2020-08-17T09:56:37+01:00

Member Support – Supervision

A huge thank you to Paul Michaels, RSLI, for an incredibly informative webinar on Thursday 28th May; focusing on ‘Professional Supervision’. Our members thoroughly enjoyed the session and we look forward to exploring the subject more!

Member Support – Supervision2020-08-17T09:53:13+01:00

Member Support – NRCPD

On Thursday 14th May, members joined Linzi Weatherson for a webinar focusing on NRCPD. This webinar covered: • Structured/Unstructured Points • Uploading evidence • Descriptions • NRCPD badges • Points we have all forgotten to include

Member Support – NRCPD2020-08-17T09:48:04+01:00

Member Support – Twitter

On Thursday 30th April, members joined a free webinar between 18:00-19:15 to learn all about Twitter. A huge thank you to Linzi Weatherson for preparing and delivering this session for us.

Member Support – Twitter2020-08-17T09:42:22+01:00