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Co-Working Badly

*This is a real dilemma submitted by an ALAS member in confidence*

A booking is made two weeks in advance for two lipspeakers to work at a weekend conference. Lipspeaker X and Lipspeker Y agree to the booking and are booked by the conference organiser.
Lipspeaker Y said at the time of booking that they were able to work all weekend with Lipspeaker X; then 4 days before the conference state that they are not able to work for 4 hours on the Saturday due to a very important event that they have to attend. Lipspeaker Y asks Lipspeaker X if they mind that they ‘nip off’ and ask Lipspeaker X to cover them.

Q 1. What should Lipspeaker X say when asked about working for the 4 hours on their own?

Q 2 What should Lipspeaker Y hacve done when she realised she was not able to work all weekend?

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Lesley Weatherson
Lesley Weatherson
1 year ago

It’s a no. This was discussed at the dilemma webinar and we agreed that 4 hours was too long. If it was an hour then a maybe… the conference wouldn’t want to pay for a coworker