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Get Well Soon Di

Dear Members,

Our friend and colleague, Diana Barimore met with a dreadful accident last Sunday morning, 30th July, when taking her dog Bertie to her local park for his usual walk. Di was somehow in collision with a cyclist participating in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 2017 event. This crash has left Di with critical head injuries and in hospital, unconscious in the neuro ITU unit, where she remains. Her family have come down from Glasgow to be with her.

We all want to make sure Di knows we are thinking of her right now, wishing her a good recovery and sending her our love and support. However, we also know that is not possible for a while yet and so we are setting up ways for all who want to send something to write her a message and post it via ALS and ALAS. She will be surprised and delighted to read what we are writing to her today, once she is back with us and on the mend.

We will certainly send updates when we receive further news, but meantime do leave Di a message via the links below.

The page will require you to enter a password. This is for privacy of comments; this password is: GetWellDi

This password is one word and it is important that you use lower case and upper case letters.

Linzi Weatherson
ALAS Membership Secretary & Social Media Officer