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DeafATW’s Survey (in BSL and English)

Hi everyone,

Please find below a link to DeafATW’s survey (in BSL and English) to get feedback from Deaf people with ATW who are or will be affected by the cap.

If you are capped, or will be capped in April 2018, please take the survey, and if you know people who are or will be capped, please send them the link.

The survey link:

The survey mainly looks at what their budget is, why they need it to be that, what the impact of the cap is on their work, and what impact it has had on their thoughts about future work / career.

It builds on the work done with the ten Deaf people meeting with the DWP to discuss the cap in June. The results will be used to help DeafATW and the UKCoD Employment group, to campaign on the issue.

If you want to see more about the survey, the ATW cap, or about the meeting with DWP, in BSL and English, then goto:

A reminder, the survey is for people who:
Have an ATW award AND
Are capped already, or will be capped in April 2018 AND
Live in England, Wales or Scotland (not Northern Ireland).
The survey is in BSL and English. People can answer in BSL, just need to contact me [email protected].

The survey closes Friday 22nd September.

Any questions,

please let me know.

Cheers Darren Townsend-Handscomb (RSLI, DeafATW)