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Competition time!


It's Lipreading Awareness Week 2017! It has happened to us all, that moment when we have misheard a word, missed what someone has said, or just completely lipread them wrong. We want to know when has lipreading gone wrong for you? What words have caused confusion?! Communication professionals, perhaps someone has misheard you, or been mistaken when you have given instruction. Tweet us your funny stories for a chance to win one [...]

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DeafATW’s Survey (in BSL and English)


Hi everyone, Please find below a link to DeafATW's survey (in BSL and English) to get feedback from Deaf people with ATW who are or will be affected by the cap. If you are capped, or will be capped in April 2018, please take the survey, and if you know people who are or will be capped, please send them the link. The survey link: The survey mainly looks at [...]

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The funeral of Diana Barimore


Diana Barimore’s funeral will be held at 12:00 midday on Friday 22nd September at Mortlake Crematorium, Richmond, TW9 4EN. Due to number restrictions, if you wish to attend please contact Lynne Dubin at [email protected] If communication support is required please contact [email protected] Please see below for a map and directions from Mortlake Station. There is adequate parking on site if you wish to travel by car.   In lieu of flowers for her [...]

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Tragic News


Dear Friends With great sadness I am writing to tell you that Di died yesterday evening at 8pm after a great effort to stay connected in the face of huge odds for this past month. We expect to hear more when her brother Stewart has had time to speak to the consultant and hospital staff. The beautiful book of messages from you will give comfort to Di's family. Thank you for letting her know you [...]

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