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ALAS Launches!


More and more deaf people are requesting lipspeakers to use some sign language vocabulary to support the meaning of the speaker, when lipspeaking. There are only a handful of lipspeakers who are able to offer this service and they aren’t always easy to find. In a response to the growing demand, ALAS was established. On Monday 13th March ALAS launched! Keep your eyes peeled for introductory offers and exclusives!    

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ALAS is almost ready to be launched


Lesley Weatherson, founder of ALAS, presented the new association to NRCPD board in London 01/03/17. The board had the opportunity to ask questions, clarify aims and objectives as well as listen to Lesley's pitch! Lesley was part of a talented group of lipspeakers and deaf service users who created the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the Level 3 Certificate in Lipspeaking and would like to see a NOS created to set [...]

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